The Taste of Failure – Still rich and buttery

I have always had the utmost of respect – and awe – for people who do competent things with yeast.

Me? There’s a reason I use a bread machine, but sometimes I get a crazy urge to take on something like croissants.

This is the third, and maybe the last time. I honestly did a lot better with keeping the integrity between the dough and butter layers through all the rolling and folding, but when it came time for shaping I fell flat, or rather, didn’t.

A thick, untenable slab I couldn't coax into a proper croissant shape

A thick, untenable slab I couldn’t coax into a proper croissant shape

If we were in the South, folks would shake their heads and say “Bless her heart.”

Once again, I set them to chill thinking, “Maybe they’ll at least taste good.”

There are more variables I could adjust than I care to evaluate – Was it mismanaged dough from using the bread machine to start it? Did I just need to have the dough warmer on that last round of folding and rolling? Could there be something off with the recipe?

In truth, I’m more of a decorator than a baker, so I’d rather be eating croissants than stressing about them.
While there was no saving the shape, they did, at least, come out much puffier this time. Crap. Maybe I’ll try again after all. Eventually.

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