A Tale of Two Bake Sales

The Warm-up

I was conscripted into contributing to a bake sale at an event at my schul. Deep in the 041215_Shortbreadsthroes of a chest cold and sinus infection, I slammed down enough caffeine to rally around the simplest of plans, made  (hopefully) attractive by pretty molds and good ingredients, and so shortbreads emerged (amid much hand washing). I delivered them and promptly returned home to crash for the rest of the day.

The Main Event

My kid’s show (at which there was a bake sale) was centered on an oceanographic theme, so I was able to anchor* to that to make decorated starfish cookies.   I went with whole wheat (because I’m me).

I didn’t want to shell**  out for an actual starfish cookie cutter so I went casting*** about for a five-pointed star cutter I could use.

Under the category of “Jewish person problems I never expected to have”, I discovered I really don’t have much in the way of five-pointed star cookie cutters! I had a couple that 041515_Doughwere really too small, and then I eventually found one that was the size I was hoping for. It’s turned over in the picture because it was some kind of promotional gift from a previous employer and bears the company logo. Wounds still somewhat fresh, I indulged in some catty delight in noting that it was perhaps the very worst cookie cutter I’ve ever used in my life.

041515_Shape041515_FloodedAfter some strategic pinching, voilá: I had starfish!


I still want to work on more piping technique going forward, but I’ll take it!

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

*Seriously, that was totally an accident.
**Oddly enough, so was that one.
***At this point, I blame the chest cold.

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