Birthday, Part 1

The tot’s party is two weeks after his actual birthday. He’s got some solid ideas about what he wants for *that* cake.

For the quiet/on a school night/with just the three of us cake, however, the bastard wasn’t giving me anything to go on.

He even seemed noncommittal about having a cake that night. Don’t. Even.

I took it as an opportunity to just practice some stuff. I got forensic about it, cobbling together observations from previous events – what coatings he chose, how he always answered that kid party sheet cake question; ” Do you want chocolate or vanilla?”

Soooooo, either way, my newly-minted 7 yr old is getting a smallish, chocolate cake with chocolate frosting between the layers and vanilla buttercream (mostly) on the outside. I will also try to have disciplined fun with the piping.

I landed on a style and learned a lot (like that my favorite chocolate frosting recipe isn’t so great for crisp piping, I want a fluffier buttercream and, probably most of all, to ratchet down my expectations of what I can do while sick).


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