3 Ways to Add More Spark to Your Memorial Day Buffet

MemDay15_BarHere are a few ideas to carry over Summer entertaining themes like cookouts and bonfires into playful additions to the buffet table.

Devilled Eggs with a Twist

Egg DyeFor a savory stand-by, I modified regular devilled eggs by peeling and soaking the hard-boiled eggs in a bath of water, vinegar and salt with some red food coloring (beets would also do well) and kept them in the refrigerator for a couple of days, occasionally shaking to avoid white spots where the eggs were touching the container or each other.

I also added turmeric powder to the filling to enhance that color.




Glistening like jewels…




Light my fire… with Cookies!

Matches_manyThese were inspired by little strips of sablé cookie with an end dipped in chocolate which I had on a cruise. They reminded me of matchsticks, which was a quality I enhanced by sprinkling the chocolate tips with red cinnamon sugar after dipping.


I couldn’t resist taking this photo of them while they all looked like French fries.





The Bonfire of the Cupcakes

Sugar flames (covered in more detail HERE) top rich chocolate cupcakes for a simple bonfire design.


…And now, the cupcakes from District 12!


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