My All-Time Favorite Eggs


I have a complicated thing with eggs. I’m a huge fan – I even keep chickens so I can have the freshest, healthiest eggs around, but when it comes to eating them, I’m really pretty picky.

Eggs are the perfect thing to teach you that great ingredients are important, but what you can do with them is all about technique.

This recipe is like scrambled eggs, but not entirely. It’s from a family of egg dishes known in Spain as “tortillas” (super-duper-confusing for folks stateside who have a wholly different concept of that word). In a word, these are all omelets, as interpreted by the Spanish. The most famous is the iconic tortilla de patata AKA tortilla española, which is awesome, but not as much of a spur of the moment undertaking.

As far as I can tell, the main things that differentiate the flavor and texture of these eggs from American omelets and scrambled egg are the use of olive oil and the temperature of the pan (relatively higher, with quicker stirring/folding). It doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a huge difference.

I have no idea if the type of tortilla I favor has its own name or particular following, but when I was living there, the lady whose place I was living in would occasionally pack it for me, on bread, for a lunch.

It has two components: sliced fresh garlic cloves and Laughing Cow cheese (and salt, because, really).


I remember being mystified to find the fresh garlic cooks *just enough* in its brief time in the pan to take the edge off. The trickiest thing, really is to gauge/guess the difference between the white globs of Laughing Cow and the dreaded white globs of undercooked egg whites (I just make sure I do a super good job mixing the eggs before adding everything else and otherwise learn to trust my experience).

Nota bene: I’ve added instructions for making the eggs here.


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