Zucchini Pasta Trial


I’m the only one in my house who likes zucchini. I have to hide it *really well* for the guys to tolerate it, and – quite frankly – I don’t have a lot of the time and willpower for properly hiding my vegetables in the hopes of better nourishing my family.

Clearly, there’s a reason I’ve seen all those compilation articles on X number of ways you can prepare zucchini. I can’t be alone in this struggle.

The one trick I’d been itching to try was substituting shaved strips of the stuff for pasta – and I finally took the plunge. Here’s how it worked for me.

Firstly, I chose desperately simple flavorings;  garlic, salt, olive oil, then a basic red sauce.


I learned I should have used more zucchini – it cooked down a lot.

I did add grated Romano when serving it (I’m sooooo weak for the dairy), but white/cannelloni beans would have been a great way to give the dish more oomph and keep it vegan.

The guys’ reactions? – no complaints from the big one, and I did not think I was imagining a brief “Mmn” from the small one. I’ll take it as a success (and I’ll absolutely do it again, and again…)


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