My Favorite Mayonnaise (So Far)


I have a mixed marriage. I prefer mayonnaise, while the spouse prefers Miracle Whip.

I still have my preferences, but I’ve grown a broader appreciation of both… so long as they’re each seen and treated as separate condiments and not interchangeable items worth comparing each other to.

Around the same time I realized I was getting fatigued by either keeping two, large jugs of white condiment in the fridge, or else having one that one of us was always going to be kind of dissatisfied with, I stumbled upon something that propelled me on an odd journey.

We were on a family trip to Rome and had just purchased a ton of cold cuts to provision our self-catering apartment rental. Naturally, we grabbed for a variety of condiments when what turned out to be a tube of inspiration fell into my hands, and pantry, and tummy.


Observe: the freaking cool star tip.

This stuff seemed pretty amazing to me at the time (and I will freely admit that the adorable star-shaped tip was also a factor). The flavor kind of blew all previous mayonnaise experience away for me and renewed my enthusiasm for the condiment.

Seeing as I had chickens at home, I resolved to handle my pantry dilemma (and avoid the temptation of keeping jugs of mayo on hand) by vowing to buy the Miracle Whip for the spouse and only make mayonnaise when I wanted to eat it.


Anxiously awaiting awesomeness

I spent along couple of years trying different recipes and techniques. I had even reached a point where I was convinced whisking it by hand was the way to go (hey, built-in exercise as well, right?).

It was in one of these altruistic fits that a breakthrough occurred. I was looking up videos and descriptions of using a whisk by hand, hardcore – feeling more connected to my food (à la Jamie Oliver), but I kept noticing something repeatedly coming up as I waded through video upon video of impassioned hand-whiskers: every so often, there would be a video that would be, shockingly, only around 30 seconds in length. These all referenced using a stick/immersion blender.

I eventually set down the whisk and watched. Zip zip! It looked magically effortless. I tried it for myself and it was no less so. I had the best intentions with my whisk, but this was too. damn. easy. I haven’t looked back since.

After a bit of tinkering, here’s the recipe I landed on to suit my tastes.


All jazzed up with a star tip, like my beloved Thomy.


3/4 cup of canola oil
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tsp lemon juice


I also discovered that if I crushed a clove or two of garlic into it before using the stick blender, I had a highly addictive aioli on my hands.


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