Sugar-free Blintzes

At family gatherings with my in-laws, my job is bringing the sugar-free desserts. By now, I know my name would be mud if I didn’t show up with apple pie for Rosh Hashanah, but I really like exploring new things.

FruitFillingI keep trying jazzier things for Yom Kippur’s break the fast meal – I’ve tried sugar-free cheesecakes and cannolis but – while I’ve been happy with the results – they never seemed too popular. It occurred to me that maybe these things were too heavy after a day of fasting.

I researched some sample menus and landed on blintzes. Traditional – and in my opinion, boring – blintzes with a fruit filling and light, eggy crêpe seemed like they would be pretty easy on the digestion.

I grabbed some frozen cherries and blueberries and made them into fillings with some corn starch and Splenda and then made up some crêpes.

They went over pretty well – sometimes you have to find out the hard way that some traditions are there for a reason.



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