Ghoulish Brie en Croute


Delayed Gratification

I’m a patient person – or else a colossal procrastinator… I’d gotten this cutesy, 3-D lamb cake mold at least 10 years ago now, and always dreamed of doing something, well, different with it for Halloween.

For years I was convinced I’d do some kind of meatloaf with whole eggs, stewed tomatoes, sauce, etc. to look like innards (mashed potato fur, bien sur!).

I just knew the time had finally come when I got a Halloween party invite from a dear friend who’s a big fan of horror movies.

Researching options, as ever, I saw a brief mention on the Wilton site that you can make bread in these pans, too. My bet is that they cannily anticipated that folks would find themselves saying “Great. I bought this pan. I made a lamb cake. Now what???”

This coincided with my discovery that I could en croute just about anything to make it look swankier and the concept fell into place.

Since this is far from a regular shape, a bit of slicing the brie is called for. This can only have been a plus as it definitely contributed to the tripe-y texture upon cutting into the finished product.

I used two different jams/jellies to give a greater depth of color and texture (in this case, raspberry and currant).

Use whatever bread dough you’re comfortable with; just be sure to seal the seam as best as you can.

I baked this on its “back” in a 400ºF oven for around 15-20 minutes.


Our host asked me how I recommended cutting into it. I opined that a general hacking motion would be the most appropriate…

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1 Response to Ghoulish Brie en Croute

  1. tanya2austin says:

    Okay, now I totally want a lamb cake pan…


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