Kohlrabi Latkes


Something Else to Do with Kohlrabi!

Yaaaay! My family actually ate it!

OK, so maybe I’m a little enthused over this one. I’ll admit it: I’d never seen a kohlrabi before joining a CSA and it’s been an adventure of discovery since the first, freaky-big, green orb landed in my produce bag.

Not everyone in my family, though, has been so keen on the adventure. I’m becoming a bit of an expert at covert kohlrabi.

KLatke1The latest epiphany was that I could shred it in the place of potato and make latkes of it.

I did just that, and added onion, egg, and self-rising cornmeal (which I’ve been trying to use up since someone once brought me that from the market instead of regular cornmeal, thinking they were helping because surely self-rising would be “better”…), and seasoned it with salt and pepper.

It was pretty darn yummy! They didn’t stick together quite as well as potato latkes, but I learned to clump them better and be even gentler when putting them into the hot oil.

These I paired with an Italian red sauce since the turnip-y taste and texture seemed like they’d balance nicely with something acidic and savory.



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