I Made a Little Cake

I got to experiment with using modeling chocolate to cover a cake!


Some leftover modeling chocolate and a shoddily prepped/frosted mini cake. Totally take the time to get the crumb coat as smooth as possible (unlike here) if you care more about your results,

It wasn’t perfect (at all), but I learned a lot and will keep at it.


  • MCTest2

    Consequences of poor levelling and uneven butter cream. Fortunately, this was only a drill, and I was pretty much only focused on the mechanics of coating the cake with the modeling chocolate.

    It really, really does not stretch like fondant. Really. (I.e, It will tear if you pull.)

  • Temperature remains a key factor. I live in a really old house that gets pretty cold once Summer is over. I definitely think this affected things, making the modeling chocolate get too rigid to work with sooner than I could deal with it.


    Luckily, I have a spare heat lamp I never wound up using with my chickens and had set aside for potential future sugar work. On my next try, it helped tremendously, so long as I didn’t let the heat stay too long on any one spot.

    In the end, I tried to pretty it up with a scatter of simple flowers from a closely-held star tip – definitely a good cover-up for my “learning curve.”


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