Día de los Muertos Cake


I got the opportunity to experiment with covering a cake with modeling chocolate again. Some friends of ours were throwing a Día de los Muertos-themed party. With our hosts planning to dress as a sugar skull bridal party, it seemed natural to make a Day of the Dead wedding cake.

The design included a génoise sponge cake with Mexican chocolate ganache between the levels in both tiers. Each tier was crumb-coated in a European vanilla buttercream. I coated the top tier in milk chocolate and the lower tier in semi-sweet,


Under the red glow of the heat lamp

Since colder weather had set in, I needed some auxiliary warmth to keep the modeling chocolate pliable enough, so I hooked up a heat lamp to work under.

DiaMuertos_AssmbldI fiddled a bit with the end finish. It was all dusky and matte since I rolled the modeling chocolate out in confectioner’s sugar. At some point,  I wanted something glossier and more slick-looking, so I buffed the cake with vegetable oil.

I remain unsure as to which way I prefer it, but I did notice that the confectioner’s sugar on the darkest chocolate created a very natural blackboard look; a good technique to stash away for the future.





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