Improvised Blackboard

I love it when different things I like come together in new and useful ways. I’m always on the lookout for better ways to capture to-do’s and design ideas so I noticed my gleaming, black appliances and something else I’ve been enjoying over the few years.

DryEraseI first discovered dry-erase, washable crayons for my kiddo, but quickly realized there were lots of other uses, though these in particular are best on dark surfaces.

When we started outfitting the kitchen at the new place, I got my first ever double wall oven (and have come to agree with my auntie before me who says it’s possibly the best kitchen design decision she’s ever made).

Since we chose the black finish, the other thing I’ve realized this gives me is a lot of blank space at eye/chest level that’s optimum for capturing notes. With the dry-erase crayons, clean-up and edits are super easy.


When the friend for whom I was designing this pie would visit, I simply hung a dish towel from the oven handle.

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