MounaTopIn my renewed adventures with yeast, I got to try out something that’s been intriguing me from a cook book I’ve had for a few years.


It was described as an Algerian bread for Shabbat, though some quick, additional web searching indicated it’s often an Easter bread as well. If you’re looking for something just a little different from the norm for either occasion (though still eggy and sweet like the old stand-bys) this might just be the thing for you.

Since it has a bit of orange zest in it, it reminded me of a light panettone. The recipe indicates filling it with jam is “optional”… Snerf.


While the shape isn’t terribly difficult to make (a flattened orb, where kitchen shears make quick work of the cuts around the perimeter), it manages to really stand out on the buffet.

Without realizing it then, it was the first time in recent memory that I’d made a bread by hand from the beginning (without any early assistance from my bread machine, or even a mixer) and it still came out great.

The hole I’d created when I added the jam opened back up during baking (I swear it was totally closed when I put it in), but even like that it managed to look pretty nifty.



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