PB Pavlova


I hear it’s sacrilege, but that hasn’t stopped my oven before…

Coming from a fluffernutter culture, meringue and peanut butter make an intriguing combination I’ve been having fun experimenting with.

In this case, I went for a pavlova with a bit of a secret – a thin layer of peanut butter giving just enough flavor.

It seems pavlova’s are specifically made from French meringue, so I didn’t change anything there. I achieved the thin bits of peanut butter by spreading a thin layer between two silicone baking liners and putting it in the freezer. Then, I just spread the meringue in two layers, placing the frozen PB (quickly) in between.

I’d definitely eat this over the plate – or over the sink, if it doesn’t make it that far!

I was happy with how the pavs didn’t burst and spill molten peanut butter everywhere. There was a notable air pocket above each bit of peanut butter, but I imagine that was from the water in it steaming off in the oven. That made me extra glad I only use a very thin (less than 1mm) sheet.


I’m going to go ahead and experiment with more meringue fillings!

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