Constructive Failures

This weekend presented me with a low-pressure opportunity to try some creative things that were new to me.

Some were spectacular, visual failures, and others turned out relatively acceptable.

I did learn a lot of things along the way, though, so it was still time well spent.

  • meringuebunnies1

    Relatively Acceptable (It’s always fun when your baking project is staring at you…)

    If I want to pipe softer edges and points, I should probably try a French meringue instead of a Swiss meringue next time, though sometimes that can be mitigated post-piping by a clean, damp finger (which was how the bunny tails wound up rounded instead of spiky).

  • I totally want to do more ganache.
  • Ganache or chocolate frosting. The flavor difference is too negligible/nuanced to be worth the time to make two different things.
  • Raspberry jam (hot) coating a chocolate cake before ganache/frosting?  Yes, please!
  • Always have a back-up plan. – OK, I already knew this, but this weekend totally reinforced that for me.
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