The Mac and Cheese that Wasn’t

The first time I had this dish, I was incredibly disappointed…

Many years ago, someone brought a “mac and cheese” to our house. The anticipation of creamy, cheesy goodness welled in my palate, but then I lifted the foil wrapped cover and I my brow furrowed in ungracious confusion (I was very young).

What I saw was technically accurate. This was a baked bowl that had macaroni as well as cheese, but it was something both less and more. After a few bites, good taste prevailed over my uncultured taste buds and I couldn’t get enough of it. Since then, what seems to be known simply as the “tomato mac and cheese”, is a treasured comfort food.


As comfort foods go, making it could hardly be simpler. It’s just cheddar cheese, elbow macaroni and canned, diced tomatoes, all baked together.


…and, baking alchemy!

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