Fearless Frying

Abandoning Perfection

I stood there in the kitchen with the clock ticking. Being the weekend and the first night of Chanukah, I was contractually obligated to turn out some latkes, but that isn’t so exciting anymore.

I wanted something sweet, and time was ebbing away, so I fell back to my traditional behavior: improvisation. I didn’t have time for fully-actualized doughnuts, sufganiyot to suit the season, if you will, but I could do *something.*

Resignedly, I pulled out my bread machine and set it to the grunt work of mixing, kneading and proofing for an hour while I did less risky, more “at least we’ll still have something to eat for dinner” kinds of things and loaded up the ingredients for “sweet rolls” from my favorite bread machine cookbook.

This isn’t the first time I’d played fast and loose with the doughnut rules. One or two Valentine’s Days ago I’d similarly abused a brioche dough and made relatively tasty (and super pretty) heart-shaped doughnuts, so I was emboldened by those results.

Lacking – or not wanting to commit – the time to obtain a truly polished form, I landed on rough, hand-formed rings around 2″ across and dusted the outputs with cinnamon sugar (though I drizzled some with honey – an homage to my suppressed desire to make honest-to-gosh bimuelos) and was actually pretty satisfied with the results.

Start to finish: 90 minutes (with latkes also made in that time). Above all, still yummy.

2018-12-03 121868080075..jpg

Bonus: Since I used a “sweet roll” dough, that was enough justification for me to serve them with dinner and not have to wait!

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