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Improvised Blackboard

I love it when different things I like come together in new and useful ways. I’m always on the lookout for better ways to capture to-do’s and design ideas so I noticed my gleaming, black appliances and something else I’ve … Continue reading

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Kitchen Hacks for Winter

We live in an old house. It’s lovely. It’s charming.  …and it can be soul-crushingly cold in the Winter. I may be unfairly biased, since my first Winter here coincided with the first trimester of pregnancy with my second child. … Continue reading

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Making Do…

…A Pan in a Pinch   I was prepping for a project where I wanted the cake tiers to be really specific sizes, only I realized last minute than I had only one  for the top tier.     I … Continue reading

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Applesauce and Resourcefulness

This week’s farm pick-up landed me a small cache of less-than-gorgeous apples: an invitation to make applesauce! Call me lazy. Call me a minimalist, but I just cut them and plopped them in the slow cooker. Nothing else really seemed … Continue reading

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Pie Decorating Shortcut

I love grabbing a paring knife and free-handing patterns into the tops of pies, but sometimes I want either a more refined drawing, a quicker turnaround, or both, so I grab my cookie cutters… My Secret Weapon Maybe it’s all … Continue reading

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Antiquated Electric Crepe Maker Showdown!

I have a weakness for old cooking tools – partly because it’s kind of an anthropological experience to think about how people used to cook and work, and also partly, I’m sure, because you can often pick them up for awesome … Continue reading

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