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Constructive Failures

This weekend presented me with a low-pressure opportunity to try some creative things that were new to me. Some were spectacular, visual failures, and others turned out relatively acceptable. I did learn a lot of things along the way, though, … Continue reading

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Kitchen Hacks for Winter

We live in an old house. It’s lovely. It’s charming.  …and it can be soul-crushingly cold in the Winter. I may be unfairly biased, since my first Winter here coincided with the first trimester of pregnancy with my second child. … Continue reading

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Wild Grapes

Thanks to a guided nature walk the tot and I took with the Cub Scouts, we noticed some of the vines in our yard are wild grapes. Not ones to let a foraging opportunity slip by, we spent a sunny, … Continue reading

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I Made a Little Cake

I got to experiment with using modeling chocolate to cover a cake! It wasn’t perfect (at all), but I learned a lot and will keep at it. Chiefly: It really, really does not stretch like fondant. Really. (I.e, It will … Continue reading

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Yummy Failure

The Best of Intentions I’ve discovered that it’s even tougher keeping on top of baking and blogging with an infant to care for than it was being a heavily pregnant zombie, even if I do have more energy again (Shhh!). … Continue reading

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Pie Decorating Shortcut

I love grabbing a paring knife and free-handing patterns into the tops of pies, but sometimes I want either a more refined drawing, a quicker turnaround, or both, so I grab my cookie cutters… My Secret Weapon Maybe it’s all … Continue reading

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Modeling Chocolate – Early Lessons

I was tired of fondant. There’s not much excuse, really: mainly, I think I must just be fickle. For a big project that also had to use a lot of brown in the decoration, I eventually landed on modeling chocolate … Continue reading

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Zucchini Pasta Trial

I’m the only one in my house who likes zucchini. I have to hide it *really well* for the guys to tolerate it, and – quite frankly – I don’t have a lot of the time and willpower for properly … Continue reading

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Teacher Appreciation Cake

A quick, relatively simple project for teacher appreciation. I added the white fondant coating mostly because I had some extra sitting around and because I wanted to use the new butter cream frosting recipe I came upon recently, which can’t … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Butter Cream

Eureka! I’ve had a serious longing to switch from the American-style butter creams which invariably involved some form of fat (butter) and copious amounts of confectioner’s sugar (along with some milk or cream to keep the texture workable). The egg-based … Continue reading

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