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Happy Pi Day!

This year’s occurrence of the geeky new tradition, Pi Day, coincided with a rare snow day in the Northeastern U.S. and I had an unlikely opportunity to throw myself into a little baking to celebrate. Cherry Pi’s – As individual, … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Broccoli – Shockingly Good

OK, so maybe this is where the “eight crazy nights” part makes sense. How could something be quick, easy, simple and taste awesome? As I was experimenting with deep frying things, I made a discovery that rocked my little world: … Continue reading

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Cheddar BBQ Pockets

Lately, I’ve been hugely nomming on the flavor combination of cheddar cheese an barbeque sauce. Since I had both on hand, I just had to extend my won ton wrapper research. These were dazzlingly easy to throw together and make … Continue reading

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Fun with Won Ton Wrappers

OK, this Hanukah I challenged myself to park the deep fat fryer on my counter and produce *something* fried every day for a week. Much to everyone’s disappointment, donuts/sufganiyot never materialized (that was before my weak aspirations regarding yeasted things … Continue reading

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Kohlrabi Latkes

Something Else to Do with Kohlrabi! Yaaaay! My family actually ate it! OK, so maybe I’m a little enthused over this one. I’ll admit it: I’d never seen a kohlrabi before joining a CSA and it’s been an adventure of … Continue reading

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Ghoulish Brie en Croute

Delayed Gratification I’m a patient person – or else a colossal procrastinator… I’d gotten this cutesy, 3-D lamb cake mold at least 10 years ago now, and always dreamed of doing something, well, different with it for Halloween. For years … Continue reading

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That Other Spread

For the Heck of It Seeing as I wind up with a free egg white whenever I make my favorite mayonnaise, and seeing as the spouse prefers Miracle Whip anyway, I started experimenting with trying to approximate that tangy spread … Continue reading

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