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Applesauce and Resourcefulness

This week’s farm pick-up landed me a small cache of less-than-gorgeous apples: an invitation to make applesauce! Call me lazy. Call me a minimalist, but I just cut them and plopped them in the slow cooker. Nothing else really seemed … Continue reading

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Sugar-free Blintzes

At family gatherings with my in-laws, my job is bringing the sugar-free desserts. By now, I know my name would be mud if I didn’t show up with apple pie for Rosh Hashanah, but I really like exploring new things. … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement: Pie

PSA: Sugar-free Crowd-Pleasers It’s easier than you think to make fruit pies sugar-free (at least, in the “no added sugar” sense). I’ve long adapted my favorite apple pie recipe for relatives with diabetes. While it isn’t much tougher than substituting … Continue reading

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Miso Vinaigrette

Inspired Genius The spouse loves cucumber. Really and truly. I’m thrilled to see a passion for some kind – any kind –¬†of fresh food, but I sometimes struggle with different ways to dress it up. Somehow, I remembered I had … Continue reading

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Sugar Free Berry Tartlettes

Puff Pastry to the Rescue! I have to admit I was going to take a very different approach to building the shells for these, but I found myself pressed for time and realized, as I often do, that I like … Continue reading

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The Sweet Taste of Freedom – Vegan Coconut Cashew Custard

I like a challenge, and I like to improvise. A friend’s daughter has some massive dietary restrictions, and I’ve been dying to cook for her. I finally got my chance at one event. Sugar… Wheat gluten… Dairy… Peanuts… Corn… Eggs… … Continue reading

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