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The Crown Cream Puffs

I love making cream puffs – they seem to have a great balance between the rich, custardy filling and the choux casing. Also, I believe I have an edge in the game: since I keep chickens, I tend to have extremely … Continue reading

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That Other Spread

For the Heck of It Seeing as I wind up with a free egg white whenever I make my favorite mayonnaise, and seeing as the spouse prefers Miracle Whip anyway, I started experimenting with trying to approximate that tangy spread … Continue reading

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My Favorite Mayonnaise (So Far)

I have a mixed marriage. I prefer mayonnaise, while the spouse prefers Miracle Whip. I still have my preferences, but I’ve grown a broader appreciation of both… so long as they’re each seen and treated as separate condiments and not … Continue reading

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Something Like a Recipe for My Favorite Eggs

After writing about my absolutely most favorite eggs, I got a request for a recipe. I don’t use a recipe, but I can share some notes here. I typically scale the quantities up or down depending on how many people … Continue reading

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My All-Time Favorite Eggs

I have a complicated thing with eggs. I’m a huge fan – I even keep chickens so I can have the freshest, healthiest eggs around, but when it comes to eating them, I’m really pretty picky. Eggs are the perfect … Continue reading

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