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Making Do…

…A Pan in a Pinch   I was prepping for a project where I wanted the cake tiers to be really specific sizes, only I realized last minute than I had only oneĀ  for the top tier.     I … Continue reading

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I Made a Little Cake

I got to experiment with using modeling chocolate to cover a cake! It wasn’t perfect (at all), but I learned a lot and will keep at it. Chiefly: It really, really does not stretch like fondant. Really. (I.e, It will … Continue reading

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Modeling Chocolate – Early Lessons

I was tired of fondant. There’s not much excuse, really: mainly, I think I must just be fickle. For a big project that also had to use a lot of brown in the decoration, I eventually landed on modeling chocolate … Continue reading

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Something Like a Recipe for My Favorite Eggs

After writing about my absolutely most favorite eggs, I got a request for a recipe. I don’t use a recipe, but I can share some notes here. I typically scale the quantities up or down depending on how many people … Continue reading

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My All-Time Favorite Eggs

I have a complicated thing with eggs. I’m a huge fan – I even keep chickens so I can have the freshest, healthiest eggs around, but when it comes to eating them, I’m really pretty picky. Eggs are the perfect … Continue reading

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Genoise Fun

Genoise Freestyle Bath I was experimenting with different ways to get/keep the eggs and sugar warm while beating them for a genoise. The recipeĀ came from James Beard’s American Cookery. I was tinkering with different recipes for a large project due … Continue reading

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